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May is shaping up around here. The Wildflower Pilgrimage was a success and we saw lots of wild things, including these rare Marsh Marigolds. I like them. I named my first doll Marigold. She had beautiful yellow yarn hair and a brown plaid-ish dress. One of our guides was named Sunshine and she was a doctor of botany and she taught us pneumonics for remembering Jacob's Ladder over Greek Valerian (wait, is that right) having to do with male anatomy. Well I may not remember the other flower but I remember Jacob's Ladder now. Anyway, it was a really good weekend and I look forward to next year.


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This weekend is Mother's Day and it's a wildflower pilgrimage that my mom attends so I'm going to go to it, too. I think I signed up for a moss class.

Coincidentally, I also picked up this book that I started exactly five years ago. I guess I'm getting in the spring/wood trekking spirit.

Last day

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I wouldn't say I plan ahead a lot, but I'm good at planning on my feet. I've been doing this one a day project for the last year--I draw a book cover based on a six word story and post it on instagram. Tonight's the end of it and wouldn't you know I haven't the slightest what I'm going to do. Which has been what everyday for the past year was, and it was awesome. But you want to finish strong. I do wish I had thought I little bit ahead here. Alas, it wouldn't be AUTHENTIC if I didn't just put something meh out. OH WELL. for those interested folks who have come here for WHO KNOWS WHY. This is for the ghosts.

Mother's Day

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It's around the corner. I'm going to look at mosses and wildflowers maybe with my mom this mother's day. I might need to make a card that she hasn't seen on the internet. Will I do that, though? That's the question.

If you're here, which I'm not sure anybody has been yet, you can get 20% off everything in the shop right now until May 7 with code MOMS2015. That's a lot of cards, kinda.

Hey guys hey.

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If you want to know what I've been doing lately, it's been listening to 2Pac Pandora radio. Actually it's Kendrick Lamar radio, but it seems like it's mostly Tupac. I miss the 90s. 


In celebration of the 90's, I really want this jacket: